1. Come Home

From the recording Grace and Elbow Grease

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Jenai Huff: Lead Vocals
Ben Wisch: Piano,Keyboard, Harmonium & Shaker
Kevin Barry: Acoustic, Electric, National, Baritone, Lap Steel, Slide Guitars & Dobro
Zev Katz: Upright & Electric Bass
Chris Marshak: Drums & Percussion
Eugene Ruffolo: Background Vocals
Shawn Thies: Background Vocals


Come Home -BMI
Written by: Jenai Huff

For so many years
I’ve been on the run
Chasing rainbows
Trying to catch the sun
Mostly clouds won
Mostly clouds won

As the years went by
My dreams began to fade
Practical realities
Became the plans I made
And I slowly slipped away
I slowly slipped away

Then one day I heard a voice calling
Please remember me (repeat)
I’m the song planted in your heart long ago
I’m calling you
Come on let’s go
Come follow me
Set yourself free
Come Home
Come Home