1. Make This Be

From the recording Grace and Elbow Grease

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This song was written for Trayvon Martin's mom, after his killer was acquitted.
Producer: Ben Wisch
Recorded at: Big Yellow Studios, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Jenai Huff: Lead Vocals
Ben Wisch: Piano,Keyboard, Harmonium & Shaker
Eugene Ruffolo: Background Vocals
Kevin Barry: Acoustic, Electric, National, Baritone, Lap Steel, Slide Guitars & Dobro
Zev Katz: Upright & Electric Bass
Chris Marshak: Drums & Percussion


Lyrics by: Jenai Huff
Music by: Jenai Huff & George Naha

A mother lies awake tonight
Wondering where the justice went
Her child is dead
And his killer set free
How could this be?

She looks out into the night
Tears are streaming down her face
She asks the question … Lord
How could this be?

The pain that she feels
Is tearing her apart
She has to let go
She wishes it wasn’t so
Why couldn’t he see
Her son’s humanity

Even as she aches with grief
She pleads for quiet in the street
Her child is dead
She wants no more blood shed
Please make this be
Please make this be
Please make this be