1. Words Fail You

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Words Fail You - ASCAP
Written by: Kris Delmhorst
Publisher: Domino Publishing
Acoustic, Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin - Jeff Pevar
Piano, Keyboards - Ben Wisch
Drums, Percussion - Tom Lackner
Background Vocals - Eugene Ruffolo


I’ve been dying this whole evening
Just to reach out for your hand
I’ve been trying to keep believing
I would ever understand
Now the hour is getting late
And the moon is sinking low
You find yourself in such a state
With so far still to go

I know words fail you
I know words fail you
I know words fail you
And I know sometimes I do I do too
This Toyota is getting crowded
With all the things that no ones saying
And if I opened up my mouth now
Well I think I would be praying
I watch you fight your demons
I don’t know when to step in
You wrestle with your Angel
Cuz you hate to let it win

And I know sometimes, sometimes they fail me too

You’re hatching little fishes
From a straight and calm deep sea
You’re hatching out a hurricane
Trying to keep all this from me

And I know I know, I know I know I do too