From the recording Transitions

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Unfinished Life - BMI
Written by: Kate Wolf
Publisher: Another Sundown Publishing Company
Acoustic, Classical, Electric and Bass Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin - Jeff Pevar
Piano, Keyboards - Ben Wisch
Drums, Percussion - Tom Lackner
Background Vocals - Eugene Ruffolo


It’s an unfinished life that I find lies before me
An open ended dream I don’t want to wake
I’ve crossed so many rivers in search of crystal fountains
I found the truest paths always lead through mountains
I’ve seen water on the sky and fire burning on the lake

You said to me “I can not make you happy.
Like a wounded bird, you must find the strength to fly.
Time can paint the tree tops with the colors of the rainbow.
But you can not find the end no matter how you try”

It’s a journey with my soul that I find I am taking
One that only goes from the cradle to the grave.
Round and round we go like painted dancing horses
Up and down we ride on the wooden courses
Light from my lovers eyes is all that I will take.


So I’ll take the day and run
Out across the open fields
Where the grass grows high and the shadows fall
Where my eyes can see all the colors in the air
So quiet that the wind whistles in my hair
And takes the rising dust and carries it away.