“Think Joni Mitchell and add a little blend of understated, restrained, classy midnight soul. One of the best releases this year.”   Paul McGee – Lonesome Highway (Ireland) August, 2016


“Jenai Huff... She is a true artist with a true creativity... Her music stands far from commercial temptations... It's an elaborate, subtile music... Perfectly played, perfectly sung... A music with rich musical influences that will reach a niche of music lovers...”   Mike Penard – Radio ISA France July, 2016


 "Words like laidback, relaxing all comes to mind, but also interesting, fascinating and captivating are quite good words to describe the sound and music on this EP."     -   Mr Blue Boogie / BillyBop -


"The new songs are perfectly tailored to Jenai Huff and offer her unique voice the necessary space to unfold fully. This charismatic singer / songwriter brightens her compositions with a variety of timbres, without losing their musical roots. The songs convey Jenai’s pleasant, multi-faceted, sometimes melancholy individuality best. In the studio, it was again the two-time Grammy winner Ben Wisch as producer …. The woman knows what is good for her songs! The mix is very refined on Grace And Elbow Grease again with Country Folk and a light sprinkling of jazz to release some big emotions."  -Max W Achatz, Country Jukebox (Mar 05, 2014)